Custom Signs

Beautiful Bamboo laser-plywood

Beautiful laser cut custom wooden signs and décor. 3D Wooden Puzzles and models.

Script Font examples

Custom-names is made by me, Robbie from OneArmedGraphics. You’ll find links inside to many of my great items for sale on my eBay. Store.

A little about OneArmedGraphics and me.

I hope to one day transition from my full-time day-job, to be self-employed creating items such as my Shapes and Signs. When I was nearly 18 years old in 1990, I had a near-fatal Motorbike accident that paralyzed my dominant arm. Since then I have suffered Chronic Pain, which has many negative effects, not least exhaustion and side-effects from the 3 types of pain medication I take daily.[more on this here]

I still ride a Motor-scooter, which causes a few interested looks from other motorists watching the one-armed guy zip past them on my ride to and from the Train Station.

I am a Disability Mentor and Champion. I blog and have a Youtube channel where I share my experiences living nearly 30 years with Disability and Chronic-pain.